Cobalt Re-defining Turnout Control Switch 6 Pack

Cobalt Re-defining Turnout Control Switch 6 Pack
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Product Description

Includes 6 all brand new, factory sealed turnout control switches. Also comes with an installation and operating manual on CD-rom and a DCCconcepts Cobalt Point Motor; a universal installation template for all populartrack guages. Instructions included. Lifetime warranty on Cobalt products.

The DCCconcepts Cobalt Turnout motor has been designed without compromise to be the very best, most versatile and easiest to use motor drive turnout/point motor for railway modellers in all scales from Z to Gauge 1.

* Cobalt is smaller yet much stronger:

While it is only 46% of the physical volume of its nearest competitor, it has a much higher gear ratio, superior throw strength and far greater stability than any other similar product at the end of throw.

* Cobalt is quieter and more robust:

The design has been made much stronger than all of its competitors yet it is quiet in operation. We did this by choosing higher quality plastics and specifying a heavy walled internal design that adds to stability while lowering mechanism resonances. Gears are specifically tooled for Cobalt and are made with the best available material which is fibre reinforced nylon for quiet operation, incredible reliability and long life.

* Cobalt is voltage tolerant & low current:

Even at higher voltages, it rarely draws more than 30mA (that is a tiny 30 thousandths of an amp) yet it works very well below 9 volts... or at 12. Cobalt al-ways moves reliably, powerfully and is rock solid. We find 9~12v ideal. (we use 9v on our own layouts).

This power supply versatility, combined with very high gearing and variable fulcrum make it as tough or as gentle as it needs to be yet allows it to remain far more stable than any other turnout motor at the "end of throw"... whether the power is left on constantly or turned off once the work is done.

* Cobalt is very, very versatile

Because it will not relax even a bit at the end of throw Cobalt can be powered by almost ANY method that can deliver DC power and is compatible with almost every DCC accessory decoder ever made.

It is equally at home as a DC or DCC controlled de-vice, with stall drive using a standard switch or if you prefer, with push-buttons or short-term power drive... making it very easy to wire Cobalt for BOTH direct control panel and DCC control at the same time.

Because of its high very gearing it is even easy to stop Cobalt mid-throw for control of 3 position sema-phore signals and 3 way stub turnout operation!

Cobalt has also been designed from the ground up for either horizontal or vertical mounting which Makes it the perfect device for railway crossing barriers and proper control of delicate semaphore signals too.

* Cobalt is easy to install.

Each Cobalt turnout motor comes complete with all the parts needed including the screws needed to fix it to the baseboard....and we have also created a wide accessory range including pre-prepared switching.

We’ve even designed a template that makes it dead easy to get it right the very first time in any scale... Used from above, with the drill kept vertical, it will result in the creation of ready-made accurate pilot holes for you to use when mounting Cobalt.

We even supply the pilot drill bit you will need!

* Cobalt needs NO soldering.

Its no fun soldering under the baseboard... and edge connectors are hard to find and always expensive.

Cobalt has a very high quality 8 way solder-less connector that doesn't even need a screwdriver to give you a perfect connection in moments.

* Cobalt is incredibly reliable.

High quality engineering plastic, top quality gold plated 1.6mm fiberglass PCBs and very careful design make it bulletproof... So we can very confidently give Cobalt the best warranty ever!